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It started with a love story.

Our church. Your home! It’s our heart to make you feel part of an amazing community. We look forward to getting to know you!
— John Doe,
Senior Pastor

We believe that Jesus created our local Church and planted it in our city. He is the Head of our Church, and it is named after Him. 

Our mission is to bring people into contact with God, prepare them, reveal and release their potential for service around the world. 

Both the doors of our church and our site are open to everyone seeking to learn more about God and the happiness of a new life in Him.


Our Pastors

Ronald and Theresa Richards are the senior pastors of Sacredo Church

We are convinced that God is the answer to the deepest human needs. Only his word, the Bible, can fully and sufficiently explain the meaning of the existence of this world and man in it, give hope to the desperate and teach almost please God in any situation. Only the Lord offers a genuine solution to the problem of human sin, guilt, fear and death. Only He gives the human soul so welcome peace and happiness. And only one Lord is worthy of her undivided worship. 

“There is a church on earth to preach these truths”  If you are not already attending church or are in the search for a community that would become a home and a place of spiritual growth for you, we will be happy to serve you.

our Values

We believe Jesus is Life and that leads us to action!


There is nothing that God wouldn’t give to ensure strength of relationship, and He wants His house to be – founded and built upon relationships.


One of the things that made David a stand out man and leader was his integrity of heart. We can have the best music, preaching, building and ministries, but integrity of heart is what is crucial to God.


Enthusiasm is great but if it is not followed through with consistency, then ultimately it is just wind and noise. But we value the substance of commitment.


God has graciously given us the most excellent Spirit of all – His Holy Spirit. Therefore, in giving God our best, we should in all things be excellent.


To please God we must be people of faith. Not just faith in anything and everything, but faith in God and His word. Our words must reveal it.


If we don’t have life then we have to wonder if God is in the place. And as individuals, if we don’t have life we have to ask the same question.

JOIN THE community

We belong community

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We want every member of the Church have a balance in his Christian life: in prayer, in word and in deed.


Philosophy of Ministry

Ministry isn’t limited to the confines of a church building.

As believers, we are called to both celebrate and imitate Christ

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Where to find us

178 West 27th Street, Suite 527 New York NY 10012

Have questions? +1 705 55 50 000

Mon – Fri: 7am – 10pm
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